How To Choose Women’s Sunglasses?

No one can refuse a pair of stylish and modern sunwear when he or she sunbathes on the sandy beach or walks among the crowd. Sunglasses now become one of the most widely accepted decorative items among stylish people when summer comes. However, comparatively speaking, women are more sensitive than men in the style and designs of sunglasses, and many manufacturers in the industry have attached great importance, be the major brands or the most common manufacturers. Therefore, as more and more women’s sunglasses are requested in the market, and one and another fashion tide in the field arise on and on in the meantime.

Consider the tips below when buying women sunglasses and cut down on buyer’s remorse:

Eye Protection

Women sunglasses have the practical effect of comforting your eyes from the glaring sun. This is also an important safety feature, since it considerably improves the vision while driving and get involved in sports activities.

Polarized lenses in sunglasses work by using vertically aligned filters to block unwanted horizontally polarized light, i.e. glare, while allowing useful vertical light through to the eye. Non-polarized sunglasses only reduce the amount of visible light that enters the eye, obscuring the view. One in five sunglasses lenses sold worldwide is a polarized lens, which equates to the estimated sale of 60 million polarized (or polarizing) lenses.

Sunglasses also offer protection against ultraviolet radiation that could cause cataracts and other damage to the eyes, including degeneration of the macula, growth of tissue in the white part of the eye (pterygium) and skin cancer around the eyes if exposed to overexposure.

UV radiation has been classified into three types, UVA, UVB and UVC, but protection against UVC is not necessary since this type of ultraviolet is completely absorbed by oxygen and ozone in the atmosphere. When buying sunglasses, it is important to make sure they are designed to block between 99 and 100% of UV radiation.

Frame Coverage

Another feature to keep in mind when choosing women sunglasses is the coverage of the frame, because if sunlight can reach your eyes without passing through the lens, then you have no protection against it. Also look out for shock absorbency or impact resistance, scratch resistance, hypoallergenic metal construction and an overall comfortably lightweight product.

Take Face Shape into Account

One of the most important things you should know before you start choosing your new pair of sunglasses is the shape of your face. This can help you choose the exact style that will best accentuate your facial features.

Now the question is, which of the four forms of the face is yours?

• Heart-shaped face: characterized by a narrow point in the jaw line. Frames that are narrower at the bottom work well. Examples of frames: Cat eye, Wayfarer, or sport.

• Round face: the widest area of ​​the face is through the cheekbones and a slight narrowing at the jawline and forehead. Frames that compensate for roundness, such as rectangular, angular and oversized, are ideal. Examples of frames: Cat eye, Wayfarer, or square.

• Oval face: these faces are longer than wide. Frames that are proportional, not too small or big are ideal. Examples of frames: Aviator, Wayfarer, and oversized.

• Square face: the characteristics of this type of face are a broad forehead, wide cheekbones and a strong jaw line. Frames with soft lines or rimless edges are ideal for softening this face shape. Frame shape examples: Aviator, Shield, or round.

Once you have determined what face shape you have, you can choose the ideal sunglasses. Go with what works for you. Don’t buy a pair of shades just because they are great. Choose the ones that fit your face that way you will look way fresher.

Consider Additional Sunglasses Accessories

If you find a pair of sunglasses that you simply must have, you should not end the shopping trip right then and there. Look for sunglasses accessories that will help you keep your sunglasses in the best shape and make overall wear much more comfortable. One type of sunglasses accessory that no sunglasses user should be without is a sunglasses case. The case will keep your sunglasses free of scratches, tears and any other type of wear when not in use. Some other accessories that may be useful include a strap for sunglasses and cleaning items for sunglasses.


Lens Materials

And finally, as you sort through female sunglasses, you will notice differences in lens materials, as well as in colors and technology.

Glass: the glass lenses offer the best optical clarity and are also highly resistant to scratching. However, they are considerably heavier than other options and are prone to breaking or splintering, so they are definitely a better choice for casual sunglasses than for active pursuits.

Plastic (CR39): a good alternative to glass, plastic lenses offer an optical quality that is close (but not so good as) that of glass, but is lighter and more stronger. On the down side, they are easily scratched unless a scratch-resistant coating is applied to them, and they will still break if enough strength is applied to them. So again, they are best for lifestyle than for the sports models.

Polycarbonate: Ultralight and very strong, polycarbonate lenses offer the best impact resistance available and, therefore, are popular choices for sports sunglasses. On the down side, they do require ant-scratch and anti-reflective treatments for optimal performance.

NXT Polyurethane: combining the optical clarity of glass with the impact resistance and light weight of polycarbonate, NXT will be found in the most advanced, highest-tech sunglasses. But you pay for this performance, since sunglasses with these lenses tend to cost more.


Once you decide what you need to do with your sunglasses (look good or play hard, or both), you can determine how much you are willing to pay. Then use your own characteristics, from the shape of the face to the color, to narrow it down to the ideal sunglasses. Just make sure you keep trends versus classic styles in mind based on your taste and how much wear you hope to get from them, and never skip the UV protection.