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More Cost-Effective Way for Your Eyeglasses Customizing

For the most people today, a pretty common way to choose an eyewear is going to the eyeglasses store in the mall and find an optician for help. But excluding the efficient works and quality customer services they provide to us, there are still a lot of people would surprised by its high expensive price while purchasing. If so,are you wondering why a pair of norm eyeglasses will cost you so much for today ? And is there have any other cheaper way to choose the eyewear? Today ,we will specifically hold a trip to discover these answers.      


Why So Expensive To Make an Eyewear in Brick-And-Mortar Store?

  • Rental Cost: To most eyeglasses retailers, being charged for a great amount monthly rental is unavoidable while running a store in the urban area for today. There are also many different levels of rental prices going to be charged depends on your shops location, for instance , the shorter distance between your shop and downtown city, a higher rental you need to be paid.
  • Labor Cost: An optical eyewear store usually equips two or three opticians for providing the services to the customers. Generally, a more experienced opticians requires more higher salary. And this also can be a reason to explain why the glasses are so expensive in the Brick-And-Mortar Store. 
  • Equipment Cost: Besides the professional opticians assisting, it is also crucial to having couple sets of practical and precise apparatuses in a pro-optical store.  For example, there are over thirteen types of apparatuses including automatic computer refractometer, edge-grinding machine also eyeglasses cleaner need to be equipped in the store. As more services the store can provides, it also cause a great consuming of electricity power when the multiple machines working simultaneously. And a great charging fee for the power usually will lead to an particular escalation of glasses prices.
  • The Supply Chain: With the development of manufacturing processes, we are happy to see there are so many types of novelty eyewear frames start appearing on the market. But to our surprised , recently , a news uncovered that most of the frames are unanimously produced by a same enterprise called Luxotica, which is less notable but specializing in frame manufacturing even monopolizing the entire frame supply market. Everybody knows once an enterprise take control of the market , it take control of the prices as well. Apparently,there is no a such space for bargaining left if Luxotica already take control of the entire market. So that it will be the biggest reason to explain why the products in Brick-And-Mortar Store could be sold in a high price.

Benefits the Online Eyewear Shops Possess

With the development of E-commerce, many retailers had their traditional off-line business transforming into a new commerce form which operating the entire trading procedures online. Furthermore, a versatile and convenient internet helps many people accomplish their business dream, and also facilitates many merchants participate into the international commerce. Also for the online eyewear business,which playing an important role in the entire global commerce, get a great development through this new era.Therefor, next we are going talk about the benefits and advantageous of which the online eyeglasses store possessing.


Some internet e-commerce platforms such as ebay and Amazon usually offer free of charge for the purpose to encourage more people launching their business online, Actually when you firstly starting the undertaking online, you may not have to pay the rental fee , labors fee even furnish renovation fee for your store. The only integral thing for you just to pay a little money and make a business certification. Comparing with the huge amount of money which you have to pay before opening a brick-and mortar store, a certification fee absolutely is more attractive to the merchants. In a word, as the cost has been decreased, the products sells price would tend to be more cheaper than offline shops.   


After stepping into an offline shop, definitely you will stick on it and enjoy its one-stop services and usually there is no any other time for you to deliberately exploring other shops products. But differs from that, when you buying things online, you may not just insist on only one website to selecting your appropriate eyeglasses. Absolutely you can compare the eyewear sells on the other store page and finally pick up the one you satisfied with base on a comprehensive consideration .


In the page of our online eyewear shops , you can see there is complete system assisting the people to choose their eyeglasses. Generally , if a consumer wants to customize his eyeglasses, the range it provides able including the lens types , the frames colors and shapes even the entire size for the eyewear. Of course, uploading your personal prescription information would be your first step, then the system will base on your info and give you some hearty suggestions to choose the eyewear. Some people may say the customer services provided in online shops are not as professional as they provided in the offline shops. Honestly , i partial agree with this saying, but i believe the people will universally choose the former because of their limit time.


Moreover, the policy of e-commerce forces the online stops establish a more convenient and effective customer services system in order to protect the customers rights and interests .Under policys protection, the consumers are more convenient to return back the inappropriate eyeglasses and also negotiate with the retailers about the products problems. Furthermore, the store owners are more facilitate to refund the consumers via the customer services system and alter their business strategies according to consumers feedback. After a long run , as more business the store accomplishes, the more feedback the store accumulates, consumers are more easy to determine and perfect their choices and the businessmen are more easy to accomplish their goals. In my perspective, choose to making eyeglasses online is really a win-win dual.   


The Procedures of Customizing Your Eyewear Online

Here, i am going to introduce you the online customize system and share you some basic skills and experience about how to use it .Before you start to choose an eyewear online, there are three main steps you supposed keep in mind.


  1. First, Uploading Your Prescription Information

A precise and detailing prescription is so crucial to help you instantly find out which type of lens is appropriate to your eyes. When you click in the upload page , you can directly see there is a simple form provide to you. The form may not have any blanks, but it was already given so many options , all you need to do just make a tick on the boxes in the form according with your prescription list. The first to third row of the form are requiring you to choose your lens type, and it usually provides you the two main options. The first option is distance lens, which used for seeing things far away fits for the sort of people who have myopia. The second option is reading lens, which is provided for the long-sighted people to seeing things far close. After you completed, clicksubmitand then the system will automatically receive your information.


  1. Second ,Customizing Your Own Eyeglasses

On the eyeglasses reserve page, it also has couple boxes need you to choose. In the first row, you have to determine the glasses frame color, different types of eyeglasses have different amounts of choices,however ,just pick up your favorite one.The options provided in the second row are mainly about the lens function you need, basically there are four choices on the row including non prescription lens, clear lens, photochromic lens and digital protection lens. On the next section,I will particularly introduce the functions of the lenses above to you guys . In the third row,you have to choose your refractive index, the index range specifically from 1.56 to 1.71. Make sure that you already choose your both eyes refractive indexes, not only just one. Finally, you need to check out the eyeglasses stock, if the number of stock unfortunately is zero,your deal can not be continue any more.


  1. Third, Determining Your Choice And Purchasing

After finishing your eyeglasses customizing process, that means you were already entered the last step. Next, you have to choose the quantity of the eyeglasses you want which means how many glasses you going to purchase.Usually the default quantity number on the box is one, so if you just going to buy only one glasses , please skip this step. Finally , click the Buy now button you can directly purchase it and complete the entire process or add your eyeglasses in the cart if you still get any other products have to pay together. So, here are the all three main steps about how to customize and purchase your eyeglasses online. Did you guys get that?  

The Basic Info of Four Fundamental Lenses

In the last section, we are going to talk about the four types of basic lenses which selling in our store. After reading this section, hopefully you guys will not get any confuse about the lens selecting on the next time


  • Prescription Lens: Prescription lenses can be see as a therapy which specifically design for the sort of people who have nearsightedness, farsightedness even astigmatism.Now, there are three dominant categories of prescription lens which are quite prevailing on the eyeglasses market. Myopia and hyperopia lens are the first two main prescription lenses which both placed a focused image accurately onto the retina by bend the lights entering the eyes in different ways. For the astigmatic lens, it actually could be the best remedy for the people who have astigmatism. The astigmatic lens or contact lens provides a wider field for vision to verify the refractive error which chronically exist on peoples eyes.


  • Anti-Blue Rays Lens: The lens are practically covered by the specific membranes which effectively blocking the harmful blue-ray and radiation. Furthermore, some lenses substrate able to absorb most of the harmful rays by adding a blue light-proof factor thereby achieve a barrier to the harmful blue light inside the lens. As a kind of anti-radiation lenses,on the recent years it becomes pretty popular among the people who usually working in front the computers. So if you are interested and want to test out the lens effect , just properly dont miss to buy a computer glasses.


  • Photochromic Lens: This kind of lenses should be constituted of glass or an alternative plastic. Technically ,these two materials are primarily applied on eyewear that is dull in daylight, but clear in little light. After placing a crystalline silver chloride on a glass,the lenses eventually reach the photochromic distinction. The lens becomes dim inside in the moment contacting with sun light, and are slowly turns to clear. On the contrast , the plastic photochromic lens use the another kind of element which called natural photochromic atoms to turns the darkening. When presented to UV light ,these lenses become obscure but not including the situation under the inorganic light. Because of the shade of glass reverse the reaction, however, when the silver factors comes back to its unique ionic state, the lenses turns to be clear. Moreover ,electrons inside the glass frame are basic silver and therefor the lenses seem darken. 


  • Polarized Lens: Polarized sunglasses are made according to the principle of polarization of light. When the vibration plane of light is parallel to the polarization axis, the polarized light filter can let the polarized light pass through (the same as the principle of blinds ) .Cause the lens have a function as polarizing light, it can block all harmful light except the transmission of visible light.By the way , all these functions can be achieved ascribe to a specific feature called  metal powder filter. It applies many very trifling metal powders like iron, copper, nickel, etc on polarized sunglasses so that the lenses can selectively absorb some of the solar light. In fact, when light hits the lens, the light is diminished based on the so-called "destructive interference" process. Thus, the light is organized into the same direction light into the human eye, making the surrounding scenery look clear but not glare. Plus another outstanding advantage is that the lens is extremely light and thin (thickness 0.8mm, 1.1mm) and has the impact resistance.The lens has been popular in recent years cause it suitable for driving and outdoor activities.



To sum up, because of the advanced and convenient internet technology today, people usually have more choices on what they buy. As the online eyeglasses we just talked about , it really save many peoples time, you can entirely concentrate on your work or enjoy the precious weekend instead of going to an eyewear store hundred miles away from home when you require to buy a glasses. In a woed , the Online shops today are not just only the other choice for people buying things, it already became a crucial implement to improve the quality of people’s life.

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