How to choose sunglasses suits your face shape?

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Do you know why do you wear sunglasses? When we buy sunglasses, many people give preference to the fashion first, rather than purpose. Obviously, it is always fun to pop on a fresh pair of cool shades. But the main reason is to protect the eyes from bright sunlight. The sun produces ultraviolet radiation so it can be very dangerous, sometimes it can cause irreversible damage to our vision. Because our eyes are very sensitive in nature. Protracted exposure to the sun can lead to a variety of ailments. Some problems can be easily cured as if your eyes are simply painful or irritating but others can be deadly serious. So you must wear the right type of sunglasses to properly shield your eyes since wearing the wrong type can cause more damage than wearing no glasses at all. So don’t forget to wear a pair of high-quality sunglasses can help to keep you safe from the sun’s damaging rays.


Rectangle Polarized Sunglasses


Sunglasses are the most wanted and most used accessory during summer. They are used to protect our eyes from harmful radiation, reduce fatigue, and add harmony to our overall image. Before selecting the sunglasses you must be clear with the face shape of yours. It is very important to pick the sunglasses according to your face type. If you pick the wrong one which absolutely not suits your face then it will totally change the beauty of your face and it will give an odd look. So first try to determine your face type. Here we have given a list of tips to find out the perfect one.


First stand in front of the mirror so can see your face clearly then take a marker to figure out the face by tracing the outline of your face on the mirror’s surface. Now you get the overall shape of your face. If your face is round or oval the rectangle polarized sunglasses are perfectly fit to your face. Because the face’s length and width are identical those who are having a round face and they have small rounded chin without sharp angles. At the same time those who are having oval face their face’s length is slightly greater than the width and the chin is rounded. The cheekbones occupy the widest section of the face and also the width of the forehead is slightly greater than the width of the jaw. So for these kinds of people the rectangular sunglasses gives the awesome look to their face.


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