What are the benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses? 

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Have you ever think why polarized lenses are used in sunglasses? We have received more benefits from the sun but its light can pose serious vision problems. This sunlight reflecting off of smooth water, snow or flat roads can create glare which is not only annoying but can often be very dangerous. This sun glare can blind your eyes while driving so it can cause accidents. If you see the sunlight for a long time then it can cause cataracts. To avoid these major issues, polarized lenses are used in sunglasses that act as a shield to your eyes against the dangers of intense glare. 


How polarized lenses work? 

Polarized lenses come with a variety of colors, depends on the material from which the lenses are made. Usually darker colors provide higher levels of polarization. The absorption of sunlight can be reflected in different directions. It is bouncing off horizontal surfaces such as water, land or the hood of a car is usually reflected back in a similar horizontal direction. 

This reflection creates a sudden glare that causes a visual discomfort and potentially blinding glare. So to overcome this situation sunglasses are designed with polarized lenses to contain a laminated filter that allows only vertically oriented light to pass-through. It blocks the horizontally oriented light so that glare is almost eliminated. Generally, polarized lenses are available in the colours of gray and brown. Many different colours are also available but it totally depends on the manufacturer.


Benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses
* Polarized sunglasses help to reduce glare: Because your eyes cannot deal with the sunlight for a longer time. It reduces the glare and it also makes images sharper and clearer. It increases visual clarity and comfort. It is very suitable for outdoor activities. 
* Polarized sunglasses allow for sight clarity: It enhances the visual clarity once they worn.
* In polarized sunglasses, the color visibility is improved as well, so it provides a more authentic view. 
* Polarized sunglasses reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet light: These lenses can reduce the exposure of ultraviolet radiation. It is the best option to filter out ultraviolet light. 
* Polarized sunglasses can be used in bright conditions: It is permanently reducing the glare so it can be used even in the brightest of conditions. 


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