Why do people wear sunglasses?

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Sunglasses is the one most useful product in protecting your eyes. Most of the people use sunglasses to reduce the sun's glare. There are many reasons to wear sunglasses. It can be used against harmful causes from these environmental factors like sun, dust, air particles, wind and sand.


Problems from Sun:

The prolonged exposure towards the sun can cause a lot of ailments. Eyes are so sensitive. So, exposure may cause irritating, painful, dryness and there are other serious diseases.

The skin around your eyes and your eyelids is too sensitive to sunlight. And about 10% of skin cancers are found near the eyes. But if you think of wearing a high quality sunglasses can help to keep your eyes and skin around your eyes protected against the sun's rays.


Diseases in the eye by sun's rays:


Cataracts and Glaucoma
Cataracts are cloudy areas on the eye’s lens. Prolonged and long term exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation rays contributes to cataracts. Ultraviolet radiation exposure may additionally worsen the symptoms of glaucoma, another serious condition that may lead to visual defect. Sunglasses with complete ultraviolet radiation protection will facilitate cut back your risk of cataracts or complications from glaucoma.


Also referred to as surfer’s eye, conjunctiva may be a growth on the eyeball itself. It’s sometimes not serious; however, it will be painful and annoying. Eye drops, steroids and surgery are the foremost common treatments. But the most effective treatment, of course, is interference. Doctors recommend wraparound sunglasses with ultraviolet radiation protection, particularly on cloudy days once the sun isn’t visible however its ultraviolet radiation rays will still injure the eyes.


Macular Degeneration
Macular Degeneration may be a condition wherever a part of the tissue layer, known as the macula, deteriorates, inflicting impaired vision and in several cases, ultimate visual defect. Various kinds of ultraviolet radiation will speed up this method, thus carrying sunglasses could facilitate shield you.


Problems from Wind
Spending heaps of your time in windy, dirty areas will irritate and injure your eyes. Again, the most effective way to shield yourself is by carrying sunglasses that keep your eyes safe from the weather. So, these are benefits of sunglasses and cause that rectifies the environmental factors that cause harmless towards your eyes. Even various experts recommend wearing high-quality sunglasses more often when you're moving out during day time.

Problems from Sand
Getting sand in your eyes will be terribly painful and dangerous. Little grains of sand will really scratch your eye and might cause permanent injury. Sunglasses that absolutely cover your eyes are a good thanks to keeping sand out.



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