Types of Prescription Glasses Recommend

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Ignore the jokes about having four eyes, many of us need glasses to get through our day! Having a limited vision can be a massive problem, it can lead to you having a debilitating life and struggling to make things out is never safe. However, glasses are certainly becoming cooler!

If, like me, you hate the idea of wearing contact lenses, then fear no longer. The days of large milk bottle glasses are done! There are a lot of fashionable prescription glasses on the internet. With more popular characters from fiction wearing glasses making them more socially acceptable –although in all honesty they always should have been – you are seeing more flat looking, less obvious glasses.

However, there are some specific things you should think about when you are buying prescription glasses. There are things other than style you need to think about when buying prescription glasses.

Single Vision Glasses

Among the various types of prescription glasses available, single vision glasses are the most common and used. The name 'single vision' comes from the fact that these glasses have one power throughout the lenses. These glasses are used to correct one vision disorder.

Compared to bifocal glasses and progressive glasses, these spectacles are easier to use. You only have to get the latest prescription from an eye doctor and then you can order these glasses. In general, these glasses are available with other advantages.

Compared to bifocal and varifocal glasses, single vision glasses take less time to adjust. In general, the users of glasses with multiple powers complain of the difficulties of getting used to the different powers and tilting their head to the right position to have the correct vision. These problems are virtually absent when single vision glasses are used. It has also been scientifically proven that older people who wear single-vision glasses and participate regularly in outdoor activities are less likely to suffer a fall, due to the clearer and less refracted vision offered by these glasses.


Polarized Sunglasses

If you are an avid reader, polarized prescription sunglasses will be a great help to read your favorite books. This is because, in addition to being elegant, they are useful to help you read in different conditions. For example, you may be on vacation somewhere and want to read something outdoors. It is very possible that you like to travel a lot and may need to refer to the maps several times to navigate your way. Such sunglasses would be very useful in all those situations.

Polarized glasses are used to cut off reflected rays that tend to obstruct vision while reading. This is possible thanks to the introduction of a second layer that blocks reflected rays, which helps improve vision. This can be useful for those people who participate in sports related to water, such as water boards. The glare from the ocean water can be blinding at times and can become a source of problems for athletes who participate in these games.


Multifocal Glasses

If you need a vision adjustment for both distance and reading, you can use two pairs of glasses and swap depending on what you need to see. Or you can even choose multifocal lenses (bifocal lenses, trifocal lenses or progressive lenses). Many people find it uncomfortable to change another pair from time to time to read something.

The multifocal lens divides the lens, so that one part of the lens is kept for reading and another part of the lens for far vision. The bifocal (two areas) and trifocal (three areas) lenses have visible lines, which separate the diverse areas of the lens.


Photochromic (Transition) Glasses

Also known as "transition lenses", photochromic lenses darken when they come in contact with UV rays. This eliminates the need for sunglasses, increasing convenience and minimizing expenses for the user.

They’re technically not a prescription type, but an added treatment to prescription lenses. You can have photochromic bifocals, single vision lenses, etc.

Keep in mind that the lenses will darken even on cloudy days, which some may find inconvenient. However, they are often a popular choice because they add a bit of style to your glasses.



Screen Or Computer Glasses

While these are the newest invention in eyewear, it is not technically correct to refer to computer lenses as "prescription" lenses. We list them here anyway because they are becoming more and more ubiquitous.

The use of electronic devices has increased dramatically, and is damaging our eyes. The gross percentages of glasses wearers have increased greatly since smartphones and computers became part of our daily lives, and we are at great risk of accelerated macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss.

These devices emit blue light, certain ranges of which are harmful to our eyes. Computer glasses filter this blue light, minimizing general eye strain and fatigue, reducing headaches and, in general, keeping eyes healthier.


Reading Glasses

Prescription reading glasses only enlarge the objects that are close to us, like the letters in a book. Your ophthalmologist could only decide the magnifying power, which is the most excellent for you, or you can solve it yourself through tests and errors. A medical prescription is not necessary at some time to choose a reading lens. Drugstore reading glasses are just eyeglasses frames with enlarging lenses pre-loaded in a range of powers with stock lens powers. It is usually less expensive to buy reading glasses in this way, but stock lens powers hardly ever offer an optimal vision correction. For best results, reading lenses with magnification customized to your requirements could be installed in any pair of eyeglasses frames.

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