Computer Glasses? | The New Concept of Eye Protection for All Human Beings in 21st Century

Entering the new era, it is quite common for most ordinary office workers working in front of the computer for over eight hours . But after finishing the overwhelming works, we may keep spending the spare time for reading and text-typing on our cell-phone screens. As we know,if we keep using our eyes for such a long time, the eyes are pretty much easy to get exhausted. So ,there is one problem coming out, have you ever try to protect your eyes and keep it from the detrimental rays? Temporarily, if your answer is negative but really seeking for a efficient remedy which could instantly save your eyes, this particular eyeglasses i am going introduce below could be your new option from today.


Unique Glasses Dedicated to Protect Your Eyes

Computer glasses is a special type of pro-designed eyeglasses specialized in filter the blue-rays when you using the computer,mobile devices and watching the television. As we know, blue rays is kind of formidable natural light and almost a hundred percent of electronic devices are able to emit it. If your eyes are exposure to blue rays for such a long time, the rays will damage the retinal cells and properly cause tremendous decline of your eyesight. According to the research of National Eye Institute , the harmful blue rays usually have a huge powerful energy which can penetrate the lens of your eyes and finally reach the retina, then it may pretty easy to caused the atrophy even the death of retina cells. Normally, the cells in retina have a large decrease usually may resulted in a completely and irreversible loss of vision. Moreover,these diseases which mention down below may also caused after the blue rays impaired your eyes:

▲Visual Fatigue: You may put your eyes into a tense status when you try to keeping the eyesight concentrated on one point for ages. Properly you would feel easy to get absentminded while you are doing jobs and have a great possibility to get the double vision, myopia and the other eye diseases. In a word , Visual fatigue can deeply affect a persons studying and working efficiency

Sleep-Quality Impairing: Melatonin is an important hormone which is known by promoting the sleep and regulating jet lag. But actually the blue light inhibits melatonin’ secretion. This reason clearly explains why the people easy to lose their sleep and suffer from the insomnia after playing mobile phone and tablet.


Even though the blue rays exist all around us, we still have many solutions which can offset its damage to our eyes. Wearing your computer glasses particularly is one of the best choice for that. The both lenses of computer glasses are covered by the specific membranes which could effectively blocking the harmful blue-ray and radiation. Furthermore, some lenses substrate able to absorb most of the harmful rays by adding a blue light-proof factor on it thereby achieve a barrier to the harmful blue light inside the lens and fundamentally protect the eyes. However, in most situations, a computer glasses can sufficiently meet your different anti-rays demands.


Target Population

There is a large population covering the age from eight to seventy for who might use the computer eyeglasses. Although there is a such great target population exists, we still have to do a research about their eyeglasses usages. On the first step , we have to divide them into two main categories based on their respective using preferences .


  1. The first category are the sort of people who practically have to work with their computers everyday especially like the white-collar workers. Some of the white collar workers as known as they even see the computers as their best co-workers which could spend over eight hours per day facing their PC. Usually once they finished the works ,they would also like to spend most of their recreation time on accompanying with their mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets. After a long time, they might feel their eyeballs becoming aching and sore even covering with tear, these symptoms happened which are most related to the irritation of blue-ray already acted to your eyes. Therefore,we high recommended the computer eyeglasses to that sort of people who often work under the irritation of harmful rays after considering these reasons.


  1. The second category are the teenagers which covering the age from eight to eighteen. It is known that the crystalline lens of teenager generally are more pure but fragile after comparing with the adults. In this case, the resistance to the blue-rays of teens crystalline lens also is more flabby and easy to be impaired by the blue rays long term irritation . For this reason, it is quite important to select a pair of computer glasses as a timely and safety protection for young teenagers eyes.

Three Places It Might Be Used On

  1. Office: The narrow offices are always surrounded by several sets of laptop, computers and the other electronic devices, which makes it covered by varieties of harmful rays.
  2. House: Most people are customary placing the TV sets on their living space such as in the living room even on the bedroom. For me , i prefer to place my desktop computer on my own bedroom for the convenience of working. In a word, the house you live in also could be a necessary place that requires putting your computer eyeglasses on in order to against the blue-ray.
  3. Other Scenes: Excluding stay at home or work in the office,there also have several places you may go on the weekdays such as cyber bar and mobile phone shop. Whatever, if you work there or just go there for visit on spare time,just remember to carry your computer eyeglasses as well.

Attention: The places we listed above just means that you will have a great possibility to put on your computer glasses. You still may use it in the other different potential circumstances.


Glasses Basic Info  

In order to satisfy you guys curiosities, here weve prepare some basic information about our latest version computer eyeglasses.Be sure to taking notes if you craving for these precious references below.

 The Lenses: CR-39 is our latest resin anti-blue rays lens which we apply on the computer eyeglasses. The neat cutting side and perfect bright light penetration shows the advanced craft we apply on our glasses manufacturing. Furthermore, our lenses also have so many advantages like impurities-free, bubbles-free , high density also could effectively blocking the harmful rays. The above advantages makes it specifically differ from the other lens.

 Frame Material: Similar to the other traditional eyeglasses,each sides of the frame temples and side arms are also made by resin. This material makes the entire structure tends to be more flexible and adjustable so that it provides a great facility to matching the different face shapes.

 Size Information: The total width of our latest version computer glasses will be 142mm, the width and the height of both lenses are 50mm and 36mm. The bridge which connects the two lenses its width are 17mm. Certainly, it provides an optimal extra space and would not let you feel any extrusion and suppression after you put on it. By the way , the length of both ear stems are 141milimeters long, those are more efficient to suspend the entire frame structure.


Quality and Identification

Still confusing how to identify and puzzling about the quality of our computer eyeglasses ? Dont worry, here i am going to show you little basic skills about how to identify a quality computer eyeglasses and at the meanwhile giving you guys a detailing illustration.

  1. Skills for Identification: To test the lenses first, typically we like to use a penlight to beaming the lenses with its blue stream light. Different from the traditional myopia lens, the lens of computer glasses have been covered by a layer of specific membrane and it is more clear to see that most of the light has been blocked outside the lens surface and it just has a little of light could penetrate the lens. And definitely it is a qualifying computer eyeglasses if you consistently saw this phenomenon happened on it.
  2. Quality Test: Before our products entering the market, we have to take couple tests on it in order to guarantee its superior quality. Such as the strength test,which we widely used on testing the level of solidity of the products, also has been used on testing the structures strength of our computer eyeglasses. The experimental result shows that even after the striking with a heavy impact by a two kilograms object, our eyeglasses still remained intact as always .For the lenses inspection, we also took seriously of every stages testing which were all operated in our laboratory. And most of all, the quality of our lenses had been certified by ISO, which means it sufficiently able to block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, & UVC rays.


At the End

For now, human beings already entered a new era for working. Different from the past , there are many types of electronic devices have been occupied peoples workplaces. As the conveniences the electronic devices brings to us, at the meanwhile , we are also being jeopardized by the radiation they emits. Because of this reason ,i suggest everyone should have a such kind of realization to select a appropriate computer glasses as a necessary eyes protection. In a word , we honestly wish you can see a clearer, purer and brighter world going to embrace you after putting the eyeglasses on.

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