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Sunglasses for your Face Shape


Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory. They are functional, practical, and also fashionable. It would be best if you had sunglasses to protect your precious eyes from the dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun. At the same time, they can also be an excellent way to look chic and stylish.


A good pair of sunglasses can really transform a look. Some make you look mysterious, others elegant, and still others may make you look youthful. With sunglasses being so essential from a protective point of view as well as a fashion point of view, choosing a pair is an important decision. There is a lot of choice in the market. You can go for any shape, size, and type. Sunglasses vary in prices quite a lot as well, from the high-end designer brands of sunglasses ranging in thousands of dollars to the really affordable ones.


Sunglasses also vary in their protective abilities. Lenses can be polarized, photochromic, aspheric, bifocal, trifocals, etc. In addition to these, coatings can be added as well to make the lenses be anti-reflective, scratch resistant, blue light reducing and so on. You can have them customized to have added protective features.


So, the question arises; how to choose the perfect pair of sunglasses?

How to choose the perfect pair?


Selecting the perfect pair for you means matching the sunglasses to your needs. It depends on whether you need the sunglasses for going to the beach or in the snow. Lenses differ in colors and type, and each different type is suitable for specific environments.


However, from an aesthetic point of view selecting the perfect pair involves looking at the pair that suits your face shape. Going by the trend is one thing, but whether the style and shape of the sunglasses matches with the shape of the wearer’s face is more important.


How to know which pair compliments your face depends on the shape of your face. Let’s have a look at that various types of face shape and the sunglasses that complement each one of them.


Different types of face shapes


Everyone has a specific type of face shape. Examine yourself in the mirror and see which shape resembles your face most. Here are some common types of face shapes and most people have faces that fall in these categories and the pair of sunglasses that suit each type:


•    Round: The types of faces are curved all around and have no defined angles. The face is also balanced vertically and horizontally. The cheeks are the widest part of the face, and the chin is rounded.

Suitable sunglasses: People with rounded faces should go for angular sunglasses. Sunglasses that are square or rectangular will balance out the natural curves of the face. More angular sunglasses also make rounded faces appear more elongated and thinner. The perfect pair can help transform the face completely and make it appear completely different. Usually, people who have rounded faces appear soft and naïve, but a sharp and angular-shaped pair of sunglasses can make them seem more mature and elegant.


•    Square: These types of faces are defined by straight lines. People with square faces generally have a wide forehead and an equally wide jaw. Angles are well defined with a strong jawline. The height and width of the face are nearly the same. The chin is not defined at all.


Suitable sunglasses: Just like round faces need angular sunglasses, square-shaped faces require more rounded sunglasses. Rounded sunglasses balance out the angles in square-shaped faces. Round or oval lenses will make square faces softer. Aviators, butterflies and rounded sunglasses are the go-to frame shapes for people with square faces.


•    Oval: These are rounded but elongated. They are longer, and they are wider with a wide forehead and a prominent, rounded chin.


Suitable sunglasses: Oval shaped faces are great and go with nearly every type of frame. Whether it be more angular frames or rounded ones. The only thing people with oval faces need to make sure is that the sunglasses are not too big that they hide the beautiful shape and symmetry of the face. Also, completely circle lenses should be avoided as well since they make oval faces appear even more elongated something that is not really needed.

•    Oblong: Oblong or rectangular faces are generally long and lack angles. They are elongated and less wide.


Suitable sunglasses: Oblong faces are elongated and need some width added to them. Sunglasses with thick frames are perfect as they add the necessary width to the sides and makes a face appear more balanced and symmetrical. Also, since oblong faces lack of angles, people with oblong faces should go for more square or rectangular frames to add angles to their visage.


•    Diamond: People with diamond-shaped faces have a narrow forehead and chin, and the cheeks are the widest part of the face, just like a diamond. The cheekbones are well-defined and angular.


Suitable sunglasses: People with diamond-shaped faces should go for oval or rimless sunglasses. Also, since they already have wide cheekbones, people with diamond-shaped faces should go for less angular frames to add softness to their faces.


•    Heart: Heart shaped or triangle shaped faces are widest at the forehead and narrowest at the chin. They essentially have a wide and prominent forehead and a delicate chin.

Suitable sunglasses: Heart shaped faces need to have sunglasses which add width to the bottom portion to balance out the wide forehead.


Different shapes of sunglasses


So, we have discussed the different types of face shapes and discussed in some detail which sunglasses suit which shape. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the shape and structure of the sunglasses should contrast the shape of the face. Rounded faces should go for angular sunglasses, whereas more angled faced people should wear rounded sunglasses.


Some basic shapes of sunglasses are as following:


•    Aviator: These frames are defined by really thin, and metal lines and are usually more rounded at the bottom than at the top. Since these are rounded, they are perfect for more angled faces as they add softness and balance to the whole face.


•    Butterfly or Cat-eye: These are usually a bit oversized. They are also wider and angled at the top. These are rounded at the bottom; however, their top part is angled and straight which makes these excellent for oval shaped and round shaped faces.


•    Rectangle: Just like their name suggests, these frames are wider in length than taller. Since they are angled, these are for round and oval-shaped faces. They add an edge and sharpness to otherwise curved and soft faces. Since they are less tall than wide, they especially compliment oval faces which are elongated.


•    Round: These are completely round and have circle lenses. Being round, they are best for square faces as they balance out the sharp angles and bring a softness that complements the face shape perfectly.


•    Shield: Single, large lens like a shield in these sunglasses help protect the eyes and the sides as well. Shield sunglasses may have slightly different lens shapes. These can be rounded or squarer, meaning there is a suitable style of shield sunglasses for any face shape.


•    Square: Sunglasses with square shaped lenses are more angled and suitable for oval and round faces.


•    Wayfarer: These are a classic shape of sunglasses. These are trapezoid shaped sunglasses. Being a mixture of round and angled sunglasses, wayfarer compliment nearly every face shape. The wayfarer has rounded as well as angled aspects to it which makes it a universal style. Being tall they also make a face appear less elongated so people with oblong or oval faces can really rock this style of sunglasses.


•    Wrap: These are similar to the shield style but are more streamlined and have aerodynamic properties. Athletes find these types of sunglasses perfect as they fully cover the eyes and wrap around the face.


Additional things to keep in mind


It is important to note that the shape of the face and sunglasses must complement each other by contrasting each other, but there are some other things to keep in mind as well. These include:


•    Size: Faces differ in size as well. When buying a pair of sunglasses, you need to consider the size of your face as well. A pair of sunglasses that is too big or too small does not look good. A pair that is too large covers up most of the face and hides the features. While a pair that is too small looks strange and may not offer enough protection. Rule of the thumb is that you need to look for a pair that is proportional to your face and having one that is as wide as your cheekbones.


•    Protective factor: Just having a stylish pair of sunglasses is not enough. Sunglasses are supposed to serve a function, not simply look stylish. You need to wear them all year round so you can protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Selecting a pair that has lenses which provide 100% protection from the sun is essential. This is because a pair of sunglasses which has lenses that do not offer 100% protection against the sun’s UV rays can actually be more dangerous than going without them altogether.


•    Color: The color of the lenses matters quite a lot. It needs to be according to the function they will be performing, depending upon whether you are going out on the beach and will be looking at the blue sea or hitting the slopes and looking at white snow all day.


The Final Word


Buying a pair of sunglasses can be very difficult. It is an investment more than anything. Sunglasses protect against the sun’s dangerous rays while making you look fashionable. However, getting a pair that does not suit your face shape can really distort your entire look. So, a pair of sunglasses can make or break your look.


The most important thing to remember is to look for a pair of sunglasses that contrast the natural shape of your face. Getting sunglasses that are opposed to your face shape balances your face and gives it more symmetry. A heart-shaped face has a wide forehead and a thin chin, so rectangular and wayfarer are the best.


Knowing a few simple rules while buying sunglasses will make the task easier. But, actually trying on a pair and looking in the mirror to see what works for you is highly recommended.


Ultimately, just go for what makes you feel and look good. It is an accessory so as long as it gives full protection, just wear a pair that you like. The rules and guidelines are pretty general but have fun with it. No need to treat it like rocket science and you can always buy another pair if you don’t like the one you have bought already.









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